Equustek produces Ethernet/ip to dh+ protocol converters and network gateways

Lots of people are asking the question, “why go with the Ethernet/IP gateway to DH+ instead of updating all my Allen Bradley Equipment such as PLC5s to Ethernet/ip ?”

There is an excellent answer to this, The Ethernet/IP gateway to DH+ has supplied a solution to many of our problems, it has created existence a hell of a lot simpler for (A-B) Allen Bradley PLC(programmable logic controller) consumers as it has enabled them to never want the possibility to upgrade all their Allen Bradley software and equipment. Imagine never needing to upgrade the equipment again, no more spending cash every time time an update occurs, Thanks to Ethernet/IP gateway to DH +, you need to fork this money out, as you’ll be taken good care of for good.

The total cost of the ethernet/ip dh+ is also cheap, you can actually save your self a good amount of cash. If you use ethernet/ip dh+ converters, you do not have to upgrade each PLC with an Ethernet processor . The Ethernet/IP gateway is as easy as things can get. What you have to realize is the fact that you will never have to to update each PLC with an Ethernet processor.