If you have come across a similar situation where you cannot connect Ethernet to Allen Bradley Controller, then you have come to the right place. One of the major reasons why people fail to connect to Allen Bradley Ethernet-enabled devices is probably because their system’s IP address has not been properly configured or the network adapter of the PC is set up for DHCP. In general, network adapters of computers are set up for DHCP by default and they need to stay the same so that they can be connected to the majority of companies and home-based routers.

ALLEN BRADLEY PLC is an industrial computer control system that will enable you to utilize the majority of the industrial processes. Your system’s network adapter has to be set up in a way that it has a static IP address so that you can connect your system to Allen Bradley Ethernet-enabled devices. Let’s take a rundown at things and how you have to set up the PC and the device. Starting with the PC first,

  • Ensure that the Allen Bradley device is able to communicate over IP or Ethernet. If the cable has properly fitted into the port, in no way does that mean that you are using the correct one? Even the wrong ones can fit into the port appropriately and a lot of Allen Bradley devices use RS485 ports which are the same as the ones in Ethernet cables.
  • Ensure that all the devices are powered up properly and the cables are well-connected.
  • Ensure that the correct software is installed on your computer to enable connectivity and communication with Allen Bradley Controllers and Drivers.
  • Once everything is in place, configure the IP address and subnet for your computer. This is where the problem lies, as already stated above most PCs are set up for DHCP by default so you have to make sure that they have a static IP address.

1How to set a static IP address?

Given below are the steps you can follow if you want to set a static IP address on your system:

  • Click on the start menu on your windows system and select “Control panel.”
  • After that, select the option “Network and Sharing centre.”
  • Do you find the option “change adapter settings”? Click on it.
  • Select “Properties” once you right click on “Local Area Connection.”
  • Now, click on the option “Internet Protocol Version 4” and then select “Properties.”
  • You will see two options now- choose the one that says “Use the following IP address:” Here you can set the IP address but, if you want to change the settings back to the company’s network then choose the other option.
  • Once you are done setting the IP address and subnet then click on “OK”.
  • You will see a “Local Area Connection” window, select OK again.

That’s it! Your IP address has been set up on your system and it has been configured. Now, you can successfully connect to Allen Bradley Ethernet-enabled devices.

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