The folks at Fluke recently published an informative article outlining the key differences between “office grade” and industrial Ethernet. While there are similarities, many of the characteristics of
“standard” Ethernet would be ineffective or even dangerous when dealing with mechanical or other processes. The article details the changes made by the IEEE to make Ethernet more responsive and reliable, including timing and topology. It also covers hardening of cabling and connectors based on the M.I.C.E. (mechanical, ingress, chemical/climactic and electromagnetic) parameters. And, since it’s from Fluke Networks, it finishes up with a survey of different types
of test tools that can be used to check cabling to prevent and troubleshoot problems. Have a look at:

EQ7000 ETHERNET IP-DH+ Communication Controller: Connect your legacy network with Ethernet IP through DH+.

EQ-DCM (EQUUSTEK-DATA CONTROL MASTER): AB Ethernet to DF1 communication controller.

DL6000-MEDH+/MEDH485: Modbus TCP to DH+ Gateway/Modbus TCP to DH485 Gateway.

PLC Global Status Word (GSW) Passing Across Bridging Products: The DL3500 Bridge for DH+ networks now have the ability to pass the PLC’s Global Status Words (GSW) from one DH+ to another through the serial bridge. This ability is user configurable to be either off or to passed depending on the number of DH+ Token Rotations. This allows PLC’s on one DH+ network to be able to see the GSW’s of PLC’s on the other DH+.

DL3500-SLC5/04 Bridge – DH+ to DH-485 Bridge via a SLC5/04 with DH-485 Pass Thru: Available NOW …… Allows access to your DH-485 device (PanelView) connected to the DH-485 CH0 of your SLC 5/04 using a standard DF1 driver. DH-485 Pass Thru Enabled has to be set in the SLC 5/04. The DH-485 node will appear as if it is on the DH+ network using the RSLINX RS232-DF1 driver (set for 1770-KF2 mode) and the WHO ACTIVE. You will also be able to see all other DH+ nodes and be able to go online with your PLC/SLC on the DH+. Before you were limited to using RSLINX and (P)KTX(D) or PCMK cards, so it is a lower cost alternative for accessing your DH-485 device via the DH+ network.

New 5 Year Warranty: The manufacturers defect warranties on all registered product sales will be increased to five years. To register your recent purchases please send Name, Address, Model #, serial # and a copy of the receipt of purchase to Equustek Solutions Inc. #286 – 5489 Byrne Road, Burnaby, B.C. Canada V5J 3J1, Fax: 604-266-9547.

Configuration Software for DL products: New Releases Available NOW …… New versions of DL32 for DL4500, DL4000, DL3500, DL3000, DL2000, and Interface Cards are available. Please check if your current versions are up to date.

Plug and Play DLPCI with A-B’s DH-485: Available NOW …… Connect your PC’s and MMI’s and other OEM equipment with a Plug and Play PCI bus to A-B’s DH-485 network It will use existing standard DF1 drivers to emulate a 1770-KF3. This will keep all DH485 timing on the interface card and allow Windows to operate without added timing considerations.

DL3500-DH-485 – RS232/422/485 and USB Interface to A-B’s DH-485: Available NOW …… Connect your PC’s and MMI’s and other DF1/Modbus/Serial Equipment to A-B’s. DH-485 network It is a lower cost alternative to A-B’s 1770-KF3.