DL4500-EDH-485 Ethernet TCP/IP to Allen Bradley’s DH-485

Price $1,695 USD
Lightweight, Din Rail Mounted, DC powered network interface bridge. Uses Lantronix’s industry proven 10-Base T Ethernet TCP/IP module to access Allen Bradley DH485 network. DH485 auto baud detection and other features make Telneting over Ethernet to the Lantronix Module the only configuration needed for the TCP/IP version. The DL4500-EDH-485 encapsulates DF1 packets over Ethernet. The DL4500-EDH-485 does not support Allen Bradley Ethernet (CSP) or Ethernet/IP protocols. Ethernet based processors like the ControlLogix can not access the DH485 network using the DL4500.

The DL4500-EDH485 available in two different models: the DL4500-EDH485 DF1-MultiMaster and the DL4500-EDH485 Standard Tunnel.
The DL4500-EDH485 DF1-MultiMaster allows up to 4 computers to connect simultaneously to the ethernet side of the DL4500. This model has slower data exchange speeds because of its ability to connect to multiple computers. If speed is an issue, consider the DL4500-EDH485 Standard Tunnel model.
The DL4500-EDH485 Standard Tunnel allows only 1 computer to connect to the ethernet side of the DL4500 but exchanges data at faster speeds.