What is Modbus Communication Basics?

Developed in 1979, Modbus industrial serial protocol makes communication between automation devices possible. It is used with programmable logic controllers or PLCs. It transmits the information over serial lines that exist between electronic devices. The Modbus Master requests the information and the device that supplies the information are the Modbus Slaves. In a standard network, […]

Huge Trends that Affect Industrial Automation

With each new era, there comes new IT issues and manufacturing trends to deal with. The most popular topics that have been featured in many manufacturing publications include: The Internet of Things Big Data Cloud Computing These trending topics involve devices that are networked together and have a lot of data available to do things. […]


Modbus is a messaging protocol that defines the content of that message. In a short time hundreds of vendors implemented the Modbus messaging system in their devices and Modbus became the de facto standard for industrial communication networks. Communication between the Modbus nodes was achieved with messages. It was an open standard that described the […]