PLC is a kind of digital computer that is utilized for the purpose of automation in the electromechanical processes in the plants. It is made for multiple outputs and inputs arrangements so that the data can be availed through the sensors, used, and the command can be issued to the actuators. When it comes to PLC, a foremost name that deserves a mention is that of the Allen-Bradley range of factory automation equipment by Rockwell Automation.

allen-bradley logoWhat is Allen Bradley?

Allen-Bradley is the name given to a range of factory automation equipment made by Rockwell Automation. The company deals in the manufacturing of PLC (programmable logic controllers), sensors, human-machine interfaces, safety systems and components, and many more of such high-end equipment. Allen Bradley is one of the premier PLC software manufactured by the company and adopted by the companies around the world.

What is Allen Bradley software?

The Allen Bradley software products are used to support the intelligent I/O modules, collectors, portable data, servo drives, power-flex drives, motor control centers, sensors, programmable controllers, and motors. The designs of this software ensure configuration and designing of the products such that they are able to deliver the work faster to offer accelerated content and provide value for the time through utilization of the high-end tools.

What is Allen Bradley PLC programming?

In the Allen Bradley PLC programming software, the connection between the computer and the controller is established through either Ethernet cable or serial cable. RSLogix is the name of the programming software of Allen Bradley’s PLC. Understanding this PLC software is suggested before taking any PLC training session and the basics course of PLC is based on the Allen Bradley PLC programming software. The knowledge that is acquired, thus, can be used in any PLC brand. Here are a few of the steps to set up a project on the PLC Allen Bradley using the Allen Bradley RSLogix 5000 software.

The configuration of the software

Connect with the controller using the Serial Port and start the configuration of the Serial driver. Connect the serial cable on one side and controller on another side of the PC. The next step is the configuration of a connection. In order to configure the connection, you can utilize the RSLinx Classic Lite from Rockwell Automation. RS232 DF1 Device driver is best to be used for the serial communications. After you have selected the configuration driver, the following are the steps that you need to undertake.

  1. Select the RS232 DF1 Device driver from the pull-down list having the names of the driver types.
  2. Select add new for adding the driver In the ‘add new’ dialog box, write the name of the driver and click on OK.
  3. To specify the settings for serial port:
  •   Select the option of the serial port on your workstation from the menu of Com Port. This is done to make sure that the cable is properly connected to the ports.
    Select the serial port from the pull-down menu for Devices
  • Click on Auto Configure. :

The automatic configuration should be successfully initiated after this, and if it fails to do so, then you must have selected the wrong port. Check that and initiate the configuration one more time. The configuration of the I/O modules is needed for the physical modules of the project and it constitutes of the simple steps of Ladder Logic programming and Logical Continuity.

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