DL3500-SLC5/04 Bridge – DH+ to DH-485 Bridge via a SLC5/04 with DH-485 Pass Thru: Available NOW …… Allows access to your DH-485 device (PanelView) connected to the DH-485 CH0 of your SLC 5/04 using a standard DF1 driver. DH-485 Pass Thru Enabled has to be set in the SLC 5/04. The DH-485 node will appear as if it is on the DH+ network using the RSLINX RS232-DF1 driver (set for 1770-KF2 mode) and the WHO ACTIVE. You will also be able to see all other DH+ nodes and be able to go online with your PLC/SLC on the DH+. Before you were limited to using RSLINX and (P)KTX(D) or PCMK cards, so it is a lower cost alternative for accessing your DH-485 device via the DH+ network.

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