Difference Between Allen Bradley And Siemens PLC

One of the biggest boons that the industrial sector of the world at large received came in the last century. We are talking about the invention of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) by Dick Morely back in 1969. Ever since then, there have been many innovations in terms of functionality and hardware features for the […]

Modbus And RS485: Everything You Need To Know

In the world of industrial internet communication and networking, there are a lot of minute details that contribute towards giving us the convenience of information at our fingertips. From the type of computer network at the client end to the internet protocol to the databases being used, there are a lot of things that must […]

PLC 101: Functioning And Deployment

A PLC which stands for Programmable Logic Controller, is basically a technology used to control automated systems in various industries. It is an important part of process automation across industries these days and they constitute simple forms of control systems that have been increasingly replacing hard wired logical relays spread out on a large scale […]

Difference between RS485 and Profibus

When it comes to industrial networking, there are many specifications that govern the smooth exchange of information across hosts, slaves and throughout the network. All of these may be familiar with people who have mastered the art of network communication, but anyone who is starting out could be easily confused between the technical terms and […]

Industrial Automation And PLC Programming; The Basics

In the field of industrial automation, we have been seeing and experiencing technologies that have made the process one step easier with each development. From the simplest computing devices initially developed to replace hardwired relays throughout industrial manufacturing processes, to complex systems that enable manufacturers to generate performance reports, industrial automation has come a long […]

What is the purpose of DP DP coupler?

The DP DP coupler is used for connecting two Profibus networks with each other for enabling data transmission amongst the controllers of both the Profibus networks. For input and output transmitted data, the utmost length is of 244 bytes. The outlining of the DP DP coupler is done using a software design tool that assimilates […]

Modbus vs Profibus- Advantages of Modbus Over Profibus

In today’s world, there are many different protocols, and some are better equipped to work in different applications. Modbus and profibus each have strengths, and there is some overlap as to what each of them is capable of. Some people, however, consistently prefer to use modbus over profibus. Modbus was originally designed in the mid 70’s […]